Sunday, May 23, 2010

TonganLeis - Faka'otusia & Faka-ufilani

Faka 'otusia & Faka'ufilani Leis

Faka'otusia Pua

Faka'ufilani Rose

Faka'ufilani Pua

Faka'ufilani Pumpkin

Faka'ufilani Rainbow

Faka'ufilani Notis

Finally I get to sell these leis online.

These leis are basically made out of:

1. Ti leaves or pine pedals garland as the base
2. Stephanotis flowers
3. Most dominating component is the lauhala/fa fruit
To make any of the above leis, the base must be braided first. Each flower is then created individually by sewing any Hawaiian tropical flowers on strips of lauhala or the fa fruit in different shapes:
(Faka'ufilani - semi-circle, Faka'otusia - circle and Nusi - triangle). Each flower is later sewn on the braided ti leaves or pine pedals garland. It takes over 3+ hours to make this lei. This special gorgeous lei is sold at $40-55.00.

The leis are gorgeous as you can see which is worth the selling price for your extra special occasion. Check out my website at or email or call 808-226-1458 for more detail info .



At May 5, 2011 at 12:26 PM , Blogger nanaholani said...

Malolelei elizabeth..just stopin by to tell you that your leis are sister is looking for someone to make her son's lei for graduation next month. I'm gonna tell her to give u a call or email you! :) keep up the good work!

At December 12, 2011 at 9:40 AM , Blogger Mary said...

Beautiful leis, Liz! btw- your website isn't working today.


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