Sunday, May 23, 2010

TonganLeis - Faka'otusia & Faka-ufilani

Faka 'otusia & Faka'ufilani Leis

Faka'otusia Pua

Faka'ufilani Rose

Faka'ufilani Pua

Faka'ufilani Pumpkin

Faka'ufilani Rainbow

Faka'ufilani Notis

Finally I get to sell these leis online.

These leis are basically made out of:

1. Ti leaves or pine pedals garland as the base
2. Stephanotis flowers
3. Most dominating component is the lauhala/fa fruit
To make any of the above leis, the base must be braided first. Each flower is then created individually by sewing any Hawaiian tropical flowers on strips of lauhala or the fa fruit in different shapes:
(Faka'ufilani - semi-circle, Faka'otusia - circle and Nusi - triangle). Each flower is later sewn on the braided ti leaves or pine pedals garland. It takes over 3+ hours to make this lei. This special gorgeous lei is sold at $40-55.00.

The leis are gorgeous as you can see which is worth the selling price for your extra special occasion. Check out my website at or email or call 808-226-1458 for more detail info .


Friday, June 26, 2009

Ti Leaves Ribbon Leis - What's Your Favorite Color?

These leis are made out of assorted satin ribbon roses that are woven on a braided ti leaves garland. This is a popular lei during graduation. We can make ribbon roses according to the color of your school. On the website, the leis are sold at $25.00. The blog price runs at ONLY $15.00 per lei. Do not forget that the final price does not include shipping and handling fees. If you wish to order, please send email to for a $10.00 discount for this type of leis only. Due to the nature of our business, we do overnight and 2day shipping.

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VIP Tongan Leis - Lauhala/Fa or Foam Papers

Lately I have been enjoying making leis out of the foam papers, ti leaves and hawaiian flowers. These leis are pretty popular in Hawaii. These are special leis for special occasions such as graduation, birthday, wedding, retirement, father's day, mother's day, anniversary and special award/accomplishment celebration. These leis take a lot of time to make. Ti leaves must be gathered, cut and prep before braiding the garland. I have to pre-prep the foam paper semi-circle individual flower before attaching them to the ti leaves garland. I have two categories under the VIP Tongan Leis. The first one is made out of the foam papers red and white, flowers and ti leaves. This type of leis can be shipped to the mainland. The flower that I use since they last in the mainland is the stephanotis (Hawaiian wedding flower). The other type of VIP Tongan Leis is made out of the Lauhala fruit/Pandanus fruit known to Tongans as the "Fa" fruit. The design of the individual flower is adopted from the famous Tongan lei known as the "Faka'otusia" - strips of lauhala fruit sewn together in a semi-circle design and crown with a flower or a ti leaf rose. It is very beautiful and elegant fit for your most special occasion or to give as a gift to loved ones.

Please go to my website at for detail information on the different designs. You can order straight from my website or call Liz and (808) 226-1458 or send an email to Thanks for visiting my website and do not hesitate to give feedback on how I can improve. The prices on the website are different from the blog prices. My website is designed to include website hosting, maintenance, ebay cost to market fees. Please send an email to if you wish to order leis. Please state how you come across my lei business from my blog so you can get the following prices. Prices DO NOT include shipping and handling fees.

VIP Tongan Leis - Foam Papers, Flowers and Ti Leaves is sold at $30.00
VIP Tongan Leis - Lauhala/Pandanus Fruit is sold at $40.00



Lei Preview - Money Leis

I have been making leis for over 15 years and have developed a love for making money leis. You see in our Polynesian culture we love to give gifts. For example, when invited to a wedding, a birthday, a retirement party or a graduation we love to take monetary gifts with us. I decided to mix the Hawaiian culture of lei giving with the Polynesian culture of gift giving and put the money on a haku or lei. The money leis that I make are elegant looking and just gorgeous. Currently I use 15 or 25 Real US 1 dollar bills to make beautiful money flower and then weave each flower on a braided ti leaves garland. I also use ribbon roses to decorate the lei. We currently offer white, green, blue, hot pink and red ribbon roses. There is a discount in price if you were referred to my website from this blog.

The blog prices for the Ti Leaf Money Leis are:
15 - Real US 1 dollar bills without ribbon roses is $35.00
15 - Real US 1 dollar bills with color assorted ribbon roses is $40.00
25 - Real US 1 dollar bills without ribbon roses is $50.00
25 - Real US 1 dollar bills with color assorted ribbon roses is $60.00

We can also use 15 or 25 5 and 10 dollar bills for an added fee or $50.00.

Here is a picture of the VIP Maunaloa Ti Leaf Money Lei (15 - Real US 1 dollar bills with green and white ribbon roses). To order or to give feedback just call (808) 226-1458 or email You can also go to my website at . I currently make 10 different types of money leis. I still have to make the other 8 categories.

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